Annual General Meeting – Monday 24th February 2020 – click here for formatted version

SOS Mission Statement:

  • To preserve the beauty and tranquillity of St Osyth for posterity.
  • To safeguard the local wildlife and the natural environment.
  • To ensure that there is no overloading of local facilities such as doctors, the school and other local amenities.
  • To prevent further congestion of existing roads and the village centre.
  • To oppose any housing development within St Osyth which would affect any of the above.

Annual General Meeting:

SOS started up ten years ago, propelled into existence by the proposals for extensive building developments in the Priory.  During those years we have attempted to fulfil our Mission Statement as above.  We started with a large committee but, unfortunately, due to the passage of time and the onset of ill health we have lost many of our committee and we are now few in number.  Consequently, unless we recruit new committee members we are contemplating standing down so this may be our last AGM.  This will be unfortunate since there are still impending development proposals which will affect our village.  If anyone is prepared to join the committee, please come forward.  We meet approximately once a month on a Monday evening.

The meeting will be held on Monday 24th February in the village hall annex starting at 7.30.  The agenda is given below.

AGM Agenda

  1. Introduction by Chairman.
  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting – Monday 12th March 2018.
  3. Matters Arising from Minutes.
  4. Report of Treasurer and Presentation of Audited Accounts.
  5. Report of Secretary.
  6. Report on Fundraising Activities by Vice Chairman.
  7. Consideration of Resolutions.
  8. Resignation of the Current Committee.
  1. Election of Executive Committee for the coming year – Chairman, Vice Chairman/Events Organiser, Secretary, Treasurer.

Any resolutions or nominations, duly endorsed, for posts on the executive committee (Chairman, Vice Chairman/Events Organiser, Secretary, and Treasurer) should be sent to ‘SOS Secretary, 27 Mill Street’ or via email as below.  These should arrive by Friday 14th February.  Following the AGM there will be the opportunity for questions and an informal discussion on the current situation and the future.