Application by Priory Owners to Extend Time Limit on Wellwick Housing Estate (click here for formatted version)

Applications continue to appear thick and fast. This latest one (17/01843/FUL) requests that the time limit attached to the OUTLINE permission for the 190 dwellings in Wellwick pit is extended from three to five years which would secure it up to 18th March 2021.  The application in the form of a letter to TDC Planning Services states that the work done to date on restoring the Darcy House West Wing has been undertaken using personal funds which have now run out and additional funding is required which cannot be obtained until the s106 legal agreement is signed off.  Meanwhile the work has been paused. It appears the owners are having difficulty in progressing Wellwick.  It was offered around to selected potential developers a while ago at a price of £9 million which seems a modest amount for 16.3 hectares of building land but presumably there have been no takers.

The application appears to be twofold – sign off the s106 and extend the time limit. If this is agreed, they say that work on progressing the Wellwick development will be put on hold and the Westfield development prioritised in order to obtain funds to progress the Priory repair.

The letter states that ‘the proposed new build programme means that Wellwick will likely not be commenced until 2020/21, with the first units anticipated to be completed 2021/22’.

However, it should not be forgotten that it was agreed by the chairman of the TDC Planning Committee at the meeting on 21st January 2014 (we have the audio recording) that the FULL application would need to go back before the Committee, so progress with Wellwick does not depend on an s106 agreement alone!


This application brings the total number of undecided Priory applications to six. Amongst these is the recent application for houses to be built on land adjacent to the allotments (17/01601/OUT), which is still to be decided. As stated last month, no pedestrian access is specified.  However, despite the Highways Authority raising no objection, in our view this application seems unlikely to be successful which has given rise to speculation that its rejection may then be used as a ‘reason’ to propose additional building on Westfield as was mooted at the stakeholders meeting in July.  However, since this one has not been put forward as ‘enabling development’ it should have no effect one way or another.

Details of these applications can be viewed on the public access pages of the TDC planning website. If you wish to comment, you should contact TDC Planning Department

by post at TDC Council Offices, Weeley, Essex CO16 9AJ

Or by email:

quoting the appropriate application references.


Infilling Lodge Piece in Priory Parkland off Colchester Road Begins:

The infilling of Lodge Piece appears to be underway. It has been estimated that this will require about 100 18-tonne lorry movements per day for up to three years.  The decision notice issued a year ago stipulated that no work was to be started until an s106 agreement was in place.  Presumably this has been signed off but to date there is no sight of it on the TDC planning website.  Objections that this would seriously impact on the wildlife and ecology of the area including altering the drainage pattern both during and after construction were dismissed.