Application by Priory Owners to Extend Time Limit on Wellwick Housing Estate (click here to see formatted version)

An application has been received by TDC (17/01843/FUL) to extend the time restriction attached to the OUTLINE permission for 190 dwellings in Wellwick pit from three to five years from 18th March 2016 (the date the formal letter of approval was issued).  This relates to the apparent failure to reach agreement on the necessary s106 legal agreement.

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The ‘condition 2’ referred to in the letter is shown below.  This states that the time limit of three years is a requirement of the Town & Country Planning Act and not a TDC limitation so we are unsure of the implication of this.

Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that the approval is OUTLINE and it was stated at the TDC Planning Committee meeting on 21st January 2014 that the FULL application would need to go back before Committee, so progress with Wellwick does not depend on an s106 agreement alone!