Grand Garage Trail Sale – Saturday 20th August (click here to view)

The Grand Garage Trail Sale is on Saturday 20th August starting at 10am  so there is still time for you to sort out your unwanted items to turn into cash if you want to join in.  This sale has the advantage that the customers come to you rather than you having to pack everything up and cart it to a car boot sale at some unearthly hour.  You will also be able to sell large or bulky items more easily.  SOS will have a stall on The Bury so you can donate items if you wish.  Please leave with Helen at 39 Mill Street or Colin at No 1 The Bury.  We will collect any large items near to the day but we have no space to store them in advance.  Please ring John Lynn on 820 533 to arrange.  We shall advertise this event widely so we hope to attract crowds of customers.

We have some 50 addresses registered so far spread throughout St Osyth and Point Clear.  If you want to join in, you have just a few days to register.  Please telephone Fiona 821 325 or Helen 820 344 before Wednesday 10th August to register your address on the map.  There is a £5 registration fee.

For buyers, location maps will be available at £1 each from John Stiff, Estate Agent or Jerry Murray, St Osyth Butcher a week in advance and from our stall on the Bury (opposite the Priory) on the day.  Addresses are spread throughout St Osyth and Point Clear so you will need a map to find them.

Proceeds from bookings and sale of maps to go to SOS Fighting Fund.