Inspector Appointed for New Inquiry (click on this title to see formatted version)

The inspector appointed is:  Ms Mahoney.  It appears that a query has been raised concerning this appointment as the following letter from the inspectorate addressed to TDC has appeared on the TDC website:

The inspector has asked me to inform you of the following:  Further information has been requested in relation to the role of Inspector Mahoney at Tendring District Council.  She worked there as a Planning Officer in Development Control in the East Team responsible for the Harwich area and its hinterland (this did not include St Osyth) from 1982 – 1987.  Since then, as a Planning Inspector, she has undertaken a number of planning appeals in Tendring District without challenge.  Inspector Mahoney is content that she can deal with this inquiry in an open, fair and impartial manner.

Yours sincerely,

Corrina Clements