New Application for Houses and Public Car Park on Warren Farm Land (click here for fully formatted version)

Application 18/00958/OUT:  This application was made in June 2018 and resulted in numerous objections as well as a few supporting comments.  TDC notified previous objectors on 9th March 2019 that a revised application had been received and details were posted on their website and available for comment.  Briefly, a new plan was appended to the original application showing the housing moved behind the car park on the field to the left of the lane when walking towards the Mill Pond.  This occupied most of that field down to the farm buildings.

However, after two days, the application (original one and the amendment) completely disappeared.  When asked about this, the planning department of TDC said this was because it was “invalid for the fee“.  However, that does not explain why the original application, together with all documents and comments is no longer displayed!

Watch this space!