New Priory Development Plans Submitted – June 2016 (Click Here to View}

Two new applications have been lodged with TDC for developments associated with the Priory.  In essence they are modifications of the previous plans that are supposed to be the subject of the new inquiry in November.
16/00656/FUL – 72 houses in Westfield.  These appear to consist essentially of the original first two phases at the top end.  They have, in effect, cut out phases 3 and 4 (which included the Maltings and the mock Mill building at the creek end).  The original proposals were for 143 houses in the four phases of the Westfield housing estate.
16/00671/FUL – erection of 17 dwellings in the parkland with associated works.  This is instead of the 19 originally proposed.  The West Lodge (said at the inquiry to mark ‘the entrance to nowhere’ is one dwelling  that is omitted.
These are in addition to the 190 houses given outline permission for Wellwick pit.  Letters have been sent out by Tendring to ‘residents’ but we are not sure the extent of the coverage.  Details of these new plans are on the TDC website – use the link below but please note the website is out of action today.(31st May and 1st June).  Any comments should be made by the end of June.
These modified plans are presumably intended to address some of the objections to the original ones.  However, considering that all four phases of the Westfield proposals were shown to generate only a very small proportion of funds to reduce the conservation deficit, it is unclear how a much reduced number of houses would help funding the repair of the Priory – perhaps there are more proposals to follow.