Outline Planning Permission Granted for Wellwick Housing Estate (click here to see)

Tendring District Council (TDC) has now granted outline planning permission for the Wellwick development for a maximum of 190 dwellings – some 26 months after the decision of TDC planning committee to recommend approval.  Wellwick is the area of low land to the right of the B1027 (Colchester Road) as you leave the village – behind the burger van pitch.  This is part of the enabling development being sought by the Priory owners to raise money to apply to the repairs of the Priory.  The remaining applications are subject to the public planning inquiry due to be held in November as noted in another news item.
The approval document runs to 13 pages and is available via the link below.  As you will see, there are 30 conditions attached.  Some of these are standard, some are specific.
Click on this link:
Then click on Documents (300) and cycle down to the end of the long list of documents to the ‘Decision Document’.
There is an associated s106 legal agreement which will link the money raised at each stage of development against repairs to the Priory buildings but this is not yet publicly available.