Priory Owners Plans to Relocate Bus Stop on The Bury (click here to view)

Plans have just been submitted by the Priory owners to discharge the conditions attached when they were granted PROVISIONAL planning permission for West Field and the Parkland.  These include the re-siting of the bus stop on the Priory side of The Bury.  The details can be found on the planning pages of the TDC website.  The proposals are to relocate the bus stop further towards the cross roads opposite the Social Club.  The proposals also include removing two of the parking spaces at the end of the Social Club (opposite the old butchers), removing two sections of the railings and making a pedestrian crossing.

This would reduce the already limited parking facilities in the village in order to move a bus stop from the frontage of the Priory.

If you wish to comment, you should contact TDC Planning Department at