Priory Public Inquiry Ends Prematurely with Approval of the Applications (click here to view)

Decision on the Priory Appeals.
You may well have heard already but we regret to say that the public inquiry ended today with agreement between TDC and the appellants to allow the applications.  All appeals were therefore withdrawn and the applications are approved.
Few details are available but we understand that the appellants agreed to proceed along the lines of Part B of the Planning Committee decision.  We will inform you as and when further details are available.
There is nothing further that can be done.  Sonia is arranging for a public meeting ASAP and details of this will be advertised as soon as it is finalised.
We would like to pay tribute to all the 2,300 members of Save Our St Osyth, The St Osyth Parish Council and the amazing community in St Osyth who have fought for 6 years against the plans to build houses in land adjacent to the Priory and in the historic parkland. The Priory has been a central part of our community for hundreds of years and this is reflected in the commitment and desire shown by our community in our efforts to protect the Priory.
The inspector was very good and we thanked her for her obvious concern in making sure the community was consulted and given the opportunity to make their views known.