Public Inquiry Details

The Public Inquiry into the Priory applications begins on Tuesday 13th January 2014.  It is expected to last for four weeks.  The public is encouraged to attend the hearing which is to be held in the Princes Theatre – Clacton Town Hall.  The appellants are the Sargeant family and they are opposed by Tendring District Council with English Heritage, St Osyth Parish Council and Save Our St Osyth (SOS) also opposing as what are called Rule 6 parties.  All parties are represented by advocates who present evidence and cross question witnesses.

Programme and Sitting Times:  The Inquiry does not take place on Mondays.  Normal sitting times will be 9.30am to 5.30pm.  The opening day will have a 10.00am start.  Fridays will end at 3.00pm.  The Inspector says that if the Inquiry over-runs the four weeks allocated, it may be necessary to adjourn it, possibly for a number of months, due to other commitments.  The public are encouraged to attend any of the sessions.

Public Participation:  The Inspector is keen for any member of the public to have their say in addition to the main participants.  You can do this in either of these two ways:

  1. Attend the first session of the Inquiry on Tuesday 13th January and register the area you wish to speak about.       The Inspector will incorporate you into the programme at an appropriate point.
  1. Attend the special evening session on Thursday 15th January which will be set aside for any member of the public to speak from the floor on any relevant topic.

Please note:  this at variance with the letter that has been sent out by Tendring Council but the arrangements above have been verified with the Inspectorate.  As the Tendring letter states, it would be helpful if you registered to speak in advance and provided a written copy of what you will say but this is not essential.  Each speaker will be allowed three minutes – any written statement may be longer.  It is not appropriate to restate any objection you have made previously – these will already be on file.

For your safety, SOS members will be present in high vis jackets to escort you from the car park to the Town Hall for the Thursday evening session.

 It is important that as many people as possible attend.  The first morning will be largely taken up by admin arrangements and is not likely to be interesting.  The main action will probably start on Tuesday afternoon with the appellants first to present evidence and witnesses.

Parking Arrangements:  Car parking is available in the multi-story behind the Library.  This is free to Tendring residents after 11am.  If you park at 10am, pay £1 fee to take you up to 11am.

If you require more information, please contact us by email at