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New Data Protection Legislation:

You may have heard about the new data protection regulation that became fully operational on the 25th May. This applies to any organisation and we need to make our position clear:

  • SOS maintains an email distribution list in order to disseminate information relating to our activities.
  • The data we hold consists solely of a contact’s name and email address.
  • Access to this information is restricted to the SOS secretary.
  • It is electronically protected by high grade internet security software.
  • SOS will not disclose this data to any person or organisation.
  • No addresses are disclosed when sending group mail shots.
  • Any person on our contact list may have their details removed without trace.

We are in the process of contacting all individuals already on our list to ask them to confirm that they wish to remain.  If you are on our old list, we hope you will reply to our email we have sent you and consent to remain so that we can maintain effective communication.  If you are not already on our list and want to be included, please send an email to giving your name.