St Osyth Annual Village Meeting (click here for full formatted version)

SOS attended the annual village meeting held on 10th April 2019 along with many other local organisations.  Clive Gowers, vice chairman of SOS made the following report:

Over the past year we have had to spend a lot of time fundraising, but we must not forget what SOS is all about.  Our secretary David Smith keeps watch on the TDC web site for any new developments that might harm our village.   As we are still committed to our mission statement, I would like to remind you all what it is.

  • To preserve the beauty and tranquillity of St Osyth for posterity.
  • To safeguard the local wildlife and the natural environment.
  • To ensure that there is no overloading of local facilities such as doctors, the school and other local amenities.
  • To prevent further congestion of existing roads and the village centre.
  • To oppose any housing development within St Osyth which would affect any of the above.

At the start of the year we had a deficit of approximately £50,000 so a lot of fundraising had to be done to reduce this.  We had two dances. a quiz night. garage trail sale, a garden party.  The Rotary Club of Clacton-on-Sea organised a race night and Steph Smith a wine tasting quiz.  I would like to thank everybody who helped run these events and everybody who supported them.  A special big thanks go to Sonia Grantham and the Parish Council who produced a letter for every household in the Parish explaining the situation SOS was in and what had caused it.  I would like to thank everybody who made a contribution so I am now pleased to report our deficit is approximately £39,000.

We have some more events planned for this year which includes Wine Tasting, Garage Trail Sale, Garden Party, a possible Quiz Night and a possible Race Night but our most ambitious project yet ia a Classic Car Show which will be known as “Classic Cars by the Sea”.  Penny Atkins has kindly allowed us to use her field opposite Clacton Golf Club to hold this event.

We have set up a special committee to organise this event with help from my friends in the “Clacton Classic Car Club” and the “Jaguar Enthusiast Club” along with some volunteers from the village.  I am hopeful this will be a successful event to help reduce our deficit further.

All these events will be announced in the Parish Magazine.

Thank you.