TDC Decision on Progress of Priory Restoration Business Plan (click here for fully formatted version)

The TDC Planning Committee hava an item concerning the Priory on the agenda for their meeting on 12th March concerning the newly published business plan for progressing the restoration of the Priory.

As part of the agreement reached at the second public inquiry in 2015 to permit the enabling development, the Priory owners were required to submit a Business Strategy to TDC detailing how the main heritage assets at the Priory would be restored over the agreed period of 10 years.  This has now been submitted for consideration by TDC Planning Committee at its meeting on Tuesday 12th March.  It shows that further enabling development will be needed throughout the district to complete the restoration project.  The Officers’ Report published in advance of the meeting recommends that the Business Strategy as submitted is not accepted.  The reasons for and against are far too long and complex to summarise here but details are available on the Planning Committee pages of the TDC website (  Try the following link or else search for ‘committee minutes’ and follow the links to get tothe agenda for the 12th March meeting.

 The question remains if it is not accepted, what then?

The Planning Committee meetings are usually held at the Weeley offices starting at 7.30pm.